Made South: A Catalyst of Craftsmen

Made South Market in Nashville Tennessee

I’m not here to tell you that the south is better than any other area or culture (…though it is. I’m here to tell you I’m really sarcastic). BUT REALLY I’m here to tell you how the south creates value and stands out creating its own beautiful culture. - If you and your family have roots in the south likely your dad or at least your grandpa was a jack of all trades. He could fix anything from your car engine to your plumbing. And your mom and/or grandma handmade the cute little suits you wore ...
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Dressing The Home | Part 1 with Framebridge

dressing the home with framebridge brothers and craft

I'm really excited about today! It marks the beginning of our new fall series. It's called Dressing The Home.  Our lives can move fast and furiously sometimes. We feel like we're always on the go, whether it's filling each day with important meetings, parenting kids (my wife and I have two: 3 years and 10 months old...whew!), or running a business. For the active minded, there is always something that needs to be accomplished. The busier my life gets, the more I've realized how important ...
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A Southerner’s Journey Back Home

Garden and Gun Travel South USA with Brothers and Craft in Kentucky

I love cities. Before Zac and I moved to Charleston, I spent nearly the last 4 years in New York City. What a wondrous place New York is. It's nothing like the rural living we Chambers brothers knew growing up. Moving from orange groves to sky scrapers takes considerable adjustment. But if you make that adjustment, you're then sucked into New York living. I grew unexplainably attached to the city. For all the ways in which I found difficulty living there--whether it's having no space, little ...
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UGG Australia: Fall Boots

UGG Australia Brothers and Craft

During the fall and winter seasons, boots are an essential piece to every person's closet. As we enter the second half of the year, and our lives and travel gain speed, it's important to have a boot that is durable and can keep up with our active schedules. We recently teamed up with the iconic brand, UGG® Australia, to style and photograph their boots for this upcoming fall season. Making their way to the states in the 1970's, UGG® was based on comfort and an active lifestyle, as the product ...
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Southern Style Isn’t Lost

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015 with Brothers and Craft

We live in the South. Charleston to be exact. Here, American clothing has been swallowed whole by the polo shirt, the tailgate short, and the boat shoe. All simple pieces, all good--perhaps in their own right--and yet somehow, some way, they've dominated what outsiders imagine when they hear two words: "Southern Style." Rarely do the words elegant, timeless, or heritage rise about. We intend to change that. Southern style is deeply rooted in American classics. Basic classics, from a well ...
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