I like cargo pants. Most of my friends think they're ugly. But that depends on how you wear them. I look like I'm an explorer in the Amazon when I wear this pair with leather boots... So I thought this time I'd wear them with Stan Smith sneakers: the classic men's tennis shoe. I have three good reasons for pairing these with cargos. First, they're comfortable. Second, they're white, which is the perfect summer color. Third, they make a traditional look-that people have military and exploration ...
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Summer Layers


Summer is always a tricky season. It's good because you can get away with wearing less, but it can also pose a problem when you want to dress up or have a special occasion to attend. If you dare to layer in the summer (especially in the South), 1) Make sure you go with an unstructured light-weight blazer. 2) If you're going to wear a jacket, make sure you pick a great pocket square too. I've paired this beautiful navy square from our friends, Kiriko, with my floral tie. If you have a more ...
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B&C X WR: BROTHERS ENDORSED - INDOCHINO by Josh Owen of Willard Randall We recently partnered with INDOCHINO to give one of their amazing suits away. If you don’t know much about this brand, you’ve been missing out! INDOCHINO started in 2007 when Founder Heikal Dani was simply searching for a good-looking suit at a reasonable price. His idea keep growing and Kyle Vucko, CEO & Co-Founder, jump on board. Their idea was simple, bring the made-to-measure suiting experience online ...
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Happy July! We're really excited to run so many giveaways this season. The brands we partner with are ones we've long admired, and we want to include everyone in each opportunity! Our friends at SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ recently acquired some fine Italian silk fabric, and they decided to make handkerchiefs out of what they had... AND giveaway some of that fabric with us. Here's what the fabric looks like: It's wild, we know. But it compliments simplicity. Here are some snapshots we took ...
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Interview: Kiriko


Based out of Portland, Oregon, Kiriko is bringing some amazing and unique ideas to the men's fashion industry. They use beautiful vintage Japanese fabric and textiles to hand make scarfs, neck ties, pocket squares, back packs and some pretty awesome blankets. Without entirely giving it away, they working on expanding to bring you more amazing products very soon. I came across Kiriko about a year ago and have been following their incredible journey since. It's been very inspiring to watch this ...
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