ASPECD Apparel: The Perfectly Fitted Shirt

Have you ever tried something on and thought, “the large is a little big, the medium is a little snug, I wish they had a size in-between”?

Yes? Then that makes two of us.

Today I want to take a minute and draw attention to ASPECD Apparel. It is great to see a company innovating in the online clothing retail space. Brooklyn, NY based ASPECD offers in-between sizes and uses a proprietary fitting guide to help you choose the right fit.

Launched by a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, ASPECD might be on the way to solving the online sizing quandary. I used their wonderful system and below are a few photos. Take a look and don’t forget to visit ASPECD Apparel.

Give them a try and use code BROTHERSANDCRAFT for 25% off your first order!

Instagram: @aspecd
Twitter: @aspecd
Facebook: /aspecdapparel

Ryan Chambers ASPECD ryan aspecdIMG_7507ry2ry1

Photo credit: Kirk Chambers and Gregory Daniel


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  1. Adam Chrisakis says

    In the top picture, it looks like Zac is wearing a black strap watch with brown leather belt/cuff. I don’t know how much of a taboo mixed leathers are anymore, and I was planning on wearing a new black leather Citizen with brown leather belt/shoes for a casual wedding (no jacket wedding). Is this passable?

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