INTERVIEW: Indigo & Cotton


Charleston is known for its southern charm, hospitality, delicious food, and beautiful downtown architecture. While menswear might not be added to that list, this town does boast one of the most brilliant and hottest menswear shops in the country, Indigo & Cotton. While small on the inside, the store is designed and decorated beautifully, featuring an old-school filing cabinet, antique tables and seating, and other vintage display pieces. The natural light is abundant, and the decorations ...
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INTERVIEW: Landrum Tables


Living in Charleston has opened my eyes to so many skilled craftsman, creatives and hard-working entrepreneurs. One of those individuals includes Capers Cauthen and the team at Landrum Tables, who create some of the finest and most historical tables around. Several months ago I came across some well built tables at the Farmer's Market in Marion Square. The look and style of these tables really interested me, and for some reason I sensed that there was more to them than eye appeal and wood. ...
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INTERVIEW: Black Tap Coffee


Since I moved to Charleston, I've been able to enjoy some of the best independent food and beverage businesses in the country. They overrun the main streets (King, Meeting, East Bay, etc.), but off the beaten path, I discovered an amazing coffee shop that most people who visit (or even live in) Charleston, may not know about. Just west of King Street, on the less-traveled Beaufain Street, sits Black Tap Coffee, a faded yet beautiful burnt orange and purple building. Inside you'll find a ...
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Quality Company and the Great Outdoors


Sometimes you just need to forego the busyness of life and enjoy the outdoors with some quality company. Thankfully in Florida we’re able to enjoy outdoor gatherings like this all year around. Give yourself a reason to dress up and get outdoors! All pictures by L. Photography & Design. Be sure to follow her on Instagram as well! (Outfit details below) Jcrew Barn Jacket (30% off with code GIFTNOW) JCrew 484 Selvedge Denim (30% off with code ...
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