5 Things You Need This Spring

5 things to wear this spring

Last week, my oldest brother, Matt did a guest post on 5 things adult men should stop wearing. Certainly there are way more things guys shouldn't wear, but these are among the most common that we unfortunately still see. Today, I want to share 5 things that you should consider investing in this Spring. Trends come and go, but these pieces below will not only last a long time, but also help you maintain a good image in any casual setting. Vans Shoes // Sandals are ok to an extent, but ...
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How To Dress Like An Adult


Today, we have a special guest post by our oldest brother, Matt. Yes, there are more brothers than just 4. We have 7 total Brothers and Crafts and 1 Sister and Craft...she's the youngest. Fun fact. Anyway, Matt provides good insight on style "do's and don'ts" for adult men. There are certainly many more "what not to wear" items, but these are among the most common that we unfortunately still see. Get ready for the most puns and creative examples you've ever seen. ENJOY! ___ How To Dress ...
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GIVEAWAY: $150 to Florsheim Shoes


Florshiem is one of Brothers and Craft’s absolute favorite shoe brands. They continue to refine their look; and no matter the occasion, they always have great shoes to match. Because of their quality, fair prices, and dedication to style, I plan to keep growing my personal collection of Florshiem’s. I’ve never regretted picking up a pair of their kicks and neither will you! On 4/20, Florshiem will give one of our lucky readers a $150 gift card to their store! To enter, use the widget below ...
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Spring Look #1 – Black Oxfords


Black is one of those colors that I rarely wear. And to be honest, I try and stay away from. There are definitely some great all black outfits and great wardrobe pieces that are black, but I just don't get around to wearing that color very much...maybe it has something to do with living in the warm climate of the south. All that to say, about a month ago I got these black Florsheim Ninety-Two Oxfords. One of the things that grabbed my attention was the clay-colored sole. As we enter in to the ...
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