Summer Layers


Summer is always a tricky season. It's good because you can get away with wearing less, but it can also pose a problem when you want to dress up or have a special occasion to attend. If you dare to layer in the summer (especially in the South), 1) Make sure you go with an unstructured light-weight blazer. 2) If you're going to wear a jacket, make sure you pick a great pocket square too. I've paired this beautiful navy square from our friends, Kiriko, with my floral tie. If you have a more ...
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B&C X WR: BROTHERS ENDORSED - INDOCHINO by Josh Owen of Willard Randall We recently partnered with INDOCHINO to give one of their amazing suits away. If you don’t know much about this brand, you’ve been missing out! INDOCHINO started in 2007 when Founder Heikal Dani was simply searching for a good-looking suit at a reasonable price. His idea keep growing and Kyle Vucko, CEO & Co-Founder, jump on board. Their idea was simple, bring the made-to-measure suiting experience online ...
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Spring Look(s) #3


Had a blast finally getting to catch up and hang out with my brothers! As you shop this season and style your wradrobe, here are a few simple tips and thoughts: Indigo blue is definitely in, so you can't go wrong choosing this color whether it's on your shoes, shirt or pants. Cuff or roll your trousers. Colorful socks with fun designs are cool and all, but Spring and Summer (at least in the south) are way too hot. Lose the socks and roll up your pants to keep cool. Try wearing dress ...
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5 Things You Need This Spring

5 things to wear this spring

Last week, my oldest brother, Matt did a guest post on 5 things adult men should stop wearing. Certainly there are way more things guys shouldn't wear, but these are among the most common that we unfortunately still see. Today, I want to share 5 things that you should consider investing in this Spring. Trends come and go, but these pieces below will not only last a long time, but also help you maintain a good image in any casual setting. Vans Shoes // Sandals are ok to an extent, but ...
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How To Dress Like An Adult


Today, we have a special guest post by our oldest brother, Matt. Yes, there are more brothers than just 4. We have 7 total Brothers and Crafts and 1 Sister and Craft...she's the youngest. Fun fact. Anyway, Matt provides good insight on style "do's and don'ts" for adult men. There are certainly many more "what not to wear" items, but these are among the most common that we unfortunately still see. Get ready for the most puns and creative examples you've ever seen. ENJOY! ___ How To Dress ...
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