A few weeks ago Ryan and I walked into a thrift store not really expecting to find much. After looking around for about 10 minutes I came across this dark navy blue pin-stripe, wool suit. At first glance, I was pretty impressed with the flat front pants. It did have a bit of a musty smell, but a good dry clean usually takes care of that.

I tried it on without looking at the price. Surprisingly, it fit quite well. It still needed to be tailored, but I knew it had great potential.

We gathered the suit and a few other ties we liked and headed to the cashier. When I dropped the suit on the counter, the lady asked if $3 would be ok...and with a huge grin, I said "Absolutely!"

I ended up taking the suit to my friend Steve, who is an excellent tailor here in town.

So for $3 I now have an incredible suit for the Fall and Winter! (plus tailoring cost - this can vary by the tailor and mostly depends on how much work is needed).

Have you ever found a piece of clothing that might not have cost much, but it was of great value?

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