Last week, my oldest brother, Matt did a guest post on 5 things adult men should stop wearing. Certainly there are way more things guys shouldn't wear, but these are among the most common that we unfortunately still see. Today, I want to share 5 things that you should consider investing in this Spring. Trends come and go, but these pieces below will not only last a long time, but also help you maintain a good image in any casual setting.

  1. Vans Shoes // Sandals are ok to an extent, but you'll need a comfortable and colorful shoe to get around town and to and from the beach.
  2. Penguin Sunglasses // These glasse are $78, but give you the look of a $300 pair. With four colors to choose from, you can't go wrong with these stylish shades.
  3. J.Crew Swim Trunks // No more long and baggy board shorts with 20 pockets. Get a simple and clean swim trunk that you won't be embarrassed to wear to a BBQ after you leave the pool.
  4. Timex Watch // You can wear this watch to whatever occasion you have planned this Spring. It's durable, water proof and very inexpensive; it also looks great with a casual outfit during the day or a more dressy outfit for a date night.
  5. Herschel Backpack // This backpack is perfect for a beach or weekend trip. It's simple, looks great and is made well.

5 things to wear this spring

Not only are all 5 of the above items a great investment, but it would make one amazing outfit.