A Journey Through Wynwood on the #HeritageRoad

A Journey Through Wynwood on the #HeritageRoad
Matt in Wynwood

Even though I was born on Florida’s East Coast, I’d never spent significant time in Miami. Obviously, Miami’s culture, nightlife, beaches, and stunning skyline are very well-known, but until you experience it for yourself, you really can’t understand just how alive the city truly is.

One such neighborhood that’s an absolute must-visit / must-experience is Wynwood, Miami’s art district.

For blocks and blocks just outside of city center, you’re transported away from hustle and bustle, suits and bikinis, skyscrapers and coastline to single-level concrete buildings playing canvas to brightly painted murals that range from abstract to stunning photo-realism.

Everywhere you look is lathered in art - the shops, the people, the sidewalks, and even many of the vehicles. While one street plays host to musicians and dancers, the next street houses a new watch store and famed taco shop. 

It didn’t matter where we looked or walked, every space seemed photo-worthy and splashed with color.

This is where Brooks Heritage comes in. I found it to be a perfect add-on to our stop in Wynwood that I just happened to be wearing Heritage kicks in a spot of Miami that celebrates the artistry and power of heritage. And, these navies with just a splash of yellow blended so nicely with the surroundings.

What’s so incredible about a neighborhood like Wynwood is how everyone there is living such a diverse story, and they’re not afraid to tell their story by the way they dress, create, or go about their day.


I experienced a new flavor of life at Wynwood. I experienced incredible chicken tacos. I experienced a brilliant cold roast coffee brew. I experienced art. I experienced color.

I wore Brooks Heritage, which fit the day perfectly as these Chariot kicks from the photo above were designed in the spirit and style of the run and inspired by old track canvas bags.

Thank you, Wynwood. I can’t wait to go back.