A Lesson in Spring Layering

A Lesson in Spring Layering

I've always enjoyed fall and winter because it takes a little more creativity to get dressed. It sounds crazy, but I would rather style 4-5 pieces of clothing together than just grabbing a t-shirt and pair of shorts. The only time I'm ok with doing that, is when I'm on a tropical beach somewhere, sipping a marg under a palm tree. Which that doesn't happen nearly enough. 

This month we teamed up with Abercrombie to highlight some amazing pieces from their spring line and to show you it's still possible to layer in slightly warmer weather. P.S. we've been digging Abercrombie's latest collections. Fit and styling are on point!

So, for your next spring outing, use these three tips below to put together your look.

1. Use lightweight tops.

This seems like a no-brainer, but pay attention to the materials, not just the way the clothes look. There are a lot of fabric blends out there, but stick to light cotton or even linen, for shirts, blazers, other outwear pieces. Also, when you're wearing blazers or shirt jackets like the one below, make sure they're unconstructed. You can do without all that nonsense like shoulder pads and double linings.

2. Choose a color scheme.

Blue is obviously my favorite color, but create your own color blends and work an outfit from that. I was inspired by this wall that's in our parking garage across from our studio (see below). It has shades of blue and gray. I used this as a guide when styling my two outfits.

3. Use subtle accessories.

I chose this indigo handkerchief and tied it around my neck. This makes an outfit slightly more interesting than just a shirt and jacket. As we move closer to summer, I'll wear that same handkerchief in my back pocket. Rings, bracelets, or necklaces can also be considered as layering pieces.

All images by B&C.