A Single Man's Journey with Ford

A Single Man's Journey with Ford

Life has a way of forcing us into routine. 

From the time we wake up to the moment we go to bed, the great majority of what we do will follow the same string of events as the day prior. 

But today is going to be different. Of course, there are things that need to be routinized in our life - like sleeping, eating, and working. But I’ve come to realize that most lives allow for at least some spontaneity... 

I open my eyes and cringe to see the bright light piercing through my window. I frantically search for my phone to turn off the Coldplay alarm that I used to love but now despise as it has become a symbol of the end of glorious rest. All too often I find that I haven’t gotten enough sleep. Today is no different. I quickly make my bed in hopes that a little productivity at the beginning of my day will carry over to the rest of my day. 

Being that the snooze button is today an aid to tardiness, I throw on my least wrinkled shirt and pant combo and hop into my Edge. A few deep breaths, the Spotify app, and high powered AC relieve the pre-work stress on my mind and the bead of sweat running down my forehead. 

Every job has its stresses, but thankfully I work a job that I love. Regardless, my day is busy! But today I find comfort in the oasis that awaits me post-5pm. No stack of papers or overrun inbox can keep this man down. 

The best days are the ones when I hustle at work and then hustle to whatever new adventure awaits me. With my checklists done, I grab my belongings and hit the road! 

I find myself at the beach just before the sun sets. Thankful for a SUV that fits in on the city streets but also takes me off-road. I loosen my tie and drive through the sand to meet my family by the oceanside bonfire. I’m in one of those moments that doesn’t feel real. Who finds themselves with their best friends, picking the strings of a guitar, by a bonfire, on the beach, at sunset? Today it’s me. 

There’s value in good routine, but don’t forget the value in spontaneity and going beyond the routine. And don’t forget to be spontaneous with good people.

Go out today, hustle, get your work done, and take a different road to new and refreshing experiences. 

Earn it, then celebrate it.