Adapting to Culture

I find it fun to adapt to the regional unique styles around the United States.  It's interesting to look at how the differing cultures shape the way that people dress.  I always take it upon myself to bring my style with me wherever I go, but also to adjust it in order to participate in the culture of that place. IMG_2032_Adrian_Local

Recently I was in Texas and I ended up visiting the Fort Worth Stockyards (Pictured Above).  Men at the Stockyards wear their  their riding boots and faded western shirts.  I wasn't going to wear a cowboy hat and chew straw, pretending to be someone I'm not, but it seemed to be a good occasion to utilize my Chukka boots.  Chukka boots are versatile.  They can be worn to look rugged.  They can be worn to look sharp.  Wherever you go, Chukkas seem to be in style.  If you find a quality pair of leather Chukka boots, know that they are a worthy investment and will be durable/long lasting.

1) Chukka Boots - ASOS Brogue Chukkas (Similar), Clarks Suede (Similar), Timberland Chukkas (Similar).

2) Slim Gray Pants - Slim Skinny Dickies (Similar) $33.99, Levi's Slim Straight Corduroy (Similar) $29.99!

What are some other articles of clothing that you have found to be culturally versatile?