All he wants for Christmas is...

All he really wants for Christmas is you! But, he won't be too upset if you snag a couple of other special gifts for him this Holiday Season. Here is a little guide I put together to help you decide what to buy him this year. Product descriptions and links are below the picture. ENJOY!

Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Merkur Razor - Unless your man is Grizzly Adams, he'll likely need to shave once in a while. This vintage style razor is an amazing gift that isn't disposable and will last years...not to mention I've saved close to $100 in blades over the last  year by switching to the single blade tool (blades don't come with the razor but are available on amazon).
  2. Damn Handsome Shave Cream - If you get him the razor, take the extra step and buy him something good for his face. Try Damn Handsome Grooming's all natural shave cream. This stuff makes for a better shave and is great for your skin, unlike the chemical packed crap found in a shaving can.
  3. Bodum French Press - If he likes coffee but is using a Keurig or an old drip machine, it's time he learns how to brew some real coffee. A french press is inexpensive and a great place to start. After you buy the press, be sure to stock up on some fresh roasted coffee beans for best taste!
  4. Loyal Stricklin Sunglasses Case - These cases are handmade in Alabama and are of great quality. If you want those sunglasses you bought him last year to make it another year, this would be a great gift.
  5. J.Crew Duffle Bag - Whether guys want to admit it or not, we really do like bags. Especially tough, rugged and long-lasting bags. This duffle is perfect size for just about any occasion...Gym, camping, weekend trip, etc...
  6. Timex Watch - A gentleman must have a watch...and no, his phone doesn't count. This Timex "Easy Reader" watch is a perfect price point and the look is simple and classic (meaning it won't be going out of style anytime soon).
  7. Sunflowerman Illustration - If the guy your buying for likes menswear and art, Sunflowerman has an endless collection of original water color paintings. These amazing pieces of art will look great in an office or a bedroom. Most all of his paintings illustrate detailed menswear with an old book page as the backdrop.
  8. MAKR Scratchbook - These amazing books are handcrafted in Winter Park, FL and are perfect for the guy who likes to jot down notes, ideas or sketches on something other than an electronic device.
  9. Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style - I bought this book several years ago and love it. Even if he isn't that much into menswear, it's still very useful and practical. It gives tips on properly packing your suit for travel, taking care of your wardrobe and how to remove different types of stains (just to name a few, but there is much more).
  10. Brothers and Craft Cotton Square - Men's coats should never be worn without a pocket square. Our B&C squares are a great place to start collecting as they are inexpensive and a way to add some creativity and color to your man's pocket.
  11. Florsheim Suede Wingtips - Flosheim is a quality shoe company that makes some great product. It's important for men to not wear old sneakers on a date, to church...or anywhere really, so do him and a favor and buy him something his feet (and lady) will appreciate. Also, they're on sale and still have plenty of sizes left.

Hope you enjoyed reading about these different gift ideas and that you have an unbelievable Holiday with your friends, family and loved ones.

Have a Merry Christmas!

- Kirk