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American Woolen: The Beauty Behind Great Stories

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American Woolen: The Beauty Behind Great Stories

We love a great story. Great stories share common threads: they invite people in. They teach us to see a different perspective. They force us to look from within.  And sometimes they remind us that there’s more to something, at first glance, than we may realize. 

The American Woolen Company story has a bit of everything: heartache and discovery, frustration and hope, failure and success.. American Woolen is a quintessential American-made brand, because they don't hide who they are or where they come from. They embrace their story—they are makers, and the only mill in the United States currently crafting fine worsted and woolen fabrics in the United States.

But ‘American Made’ means more than mere production to them. ’Made in America’ has less to do with simply making something in the United States, and it has more to do with what those American Made goods represent. Their fabric is quality, but quality is only a piece to the bigger picture in answering what the American lifestyle represents. It is quality, and elegance, and pride, and good-will, and so on. 

In the American ethos, there are few objects as pertinent to the man than the blazer. From Cary Grant to Daniel Craig, the blazer has shown strength and consistency over time. It has become man’s wear-all armour, his fighting companion, his deal-making-side-kick, and his aid in the search for love.

There is power in collaboration. When you take two minds with different skill-sets, there is no limit to what you can create. The result, more often than not, is something, that otherwise, would not have been possible without collaboration. 

So we did just that with American Woolen, under the belief that crafting a blazer would blend the beauty of iconic and quality into one, creating a piece that is distinctly American.

We shared our blazer collection at New York Men’s Day, a precursor to Fashion Week. The beautiful part about having American Woolen a platform to showcase our work is that we didn’t have to tell people how great the fabric is. We could show them. From the fabrics hanging in drapes along the wall, to the finely cut and finished blazer on a mannequin, there it was.

Fashion Week can be overwhelming. It is easy to get lost in the superficiality of shows, events, parties, and so on. People attend to see-and-be-seen. Yet standing next to the American Woolen team that day, we felt an overwhelming sense of joy and pride. We pushed beyond the superficiality and instead took part in something bigger than ourselves—something meaningful. 

We were supporting more than just a well-tailored blazer. We were supporting the people who made it, the community it brings, the grit that scars it, the craft that makes it distinctly American. And that is what makes a great story.

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