American Woolen: The Brothers and Their Blazers

I have trouble thinking of a piece that is more relevant to men in America than the blazer. From Cary Grant to George Clooney, the blazer has shown great strength and consistency through time. American Woolen has been the source of high caliber fabric for many respectable brands and now we've been able to walk alongside them in making luxury blazers from their own mill. 

It's become more and more evident to us, the power of collaboration. When you infuse two groups, both with different skill-sets, it's extraordinary what you can create. More often than not, the result is something that wouldn't have been possible without the two groups working together. 

We enjoyed stepping alongside American Woolen to create something multifaceted - something well-made - something of intricate and transcendent style. 

Multifaceted: Dress it up. Dress it down. Work. Play. Somehow it suits all (pun not intended). 

Make: AW is the only mill in the United States to develop cashmere and they don't skimp on quality. 

Style: The AW blazer finds a way to fit classic style but also appeal to a modern man by embodying standout fabric and tailored fit. 

Here is how we’ve styled our American Woolen blazers. Be sure to follow American Woolen's story via Instagram!