One of the first and most easily noticeable features about a person is the way they style their hair. People say it's the subtleties in the way a person looks that stand out the most. I think the same is true of haircuts... even simple ones. My good friend, Garrett, recently came to New York to visit for a week.


Rather than filling the top of his bucket list with things like visits to the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty, Garrett's top item to check off his list was a hair cut and a straight shave. He wanted more of a crew-cut, high-and-tight look on the sides with length on the top to style. We figured if he was going to get a cut he should do it right. He agreed. So we decided to take him to our new friends at Blind Barber, a men's barber shop in the Lower East neighborhood of Manhattan.

These guys at Blind Barber are a class act. You don't expect to see much else out of the building when you walk inside. The shop is small, the brick walls are distressed and exposed, and the seats are vintage used from the 1920s.


Just when  I wondered whether this is all there was, the shop keeper slid open a large steel door and offered for us to check the place out. Behind the door was a speakeasy. It had a cocktail bar and lounge area behind the shop. They say the place gets real lively at night.


The most admirable thing about the guys at Blind Barber is their vision to return to the traditional barber shop experience: making their shop a place where friends engage in conversation, sharing stories and ideas, as opposed to just walking in to get a haircut.

Eric, one of the main barbers at the shop, gave Garrett a cut. Here're some of the shots we got, taken by our friend, Amber Mace.


I was impressed by the work of Blind Barber. They've established themselves as a credible source for grooming in spheres like music, lifestyle, and even fashion. They've done contracting work for NYFW and are involved in the Liberty Fairs Trade Shows.


1. Their 90 Proof Pomade. The pomade is better for a crewcut look. If you have shorter hair on top, the pomade holds it better, because it's a little thicker and less pliable.

2. Their 60 Proof Wax. The wax is better if your hair is a little longer. The product is more pliable, so you can use it more loosely and it will still feel less restrictive and heavy on your head.

3. Their 3 Piece Shaving Set. This is a great investment. Blind Barber realizes that many men are wanting to put more care and effort into their grooming and shaving. So they've provided a face wash, a shave cream, and an aftershave soother to help accomplish that.

If you're ever in New York City and happen to need a haircut or shave, the brothers and I recommend heading over to Blind Barber. If you want to stay connected with their work, follow their Instagram, Facebook, and website.

Here's to a great Tuesday!