Bulova // A Series Of Firsts

We've partnered with our friends at Bulova (An American brand making fine watches) to showcase some "firsts" of ours that have changed the way we see and live life. 

Below are our stories. 

01. KIRK

Taking photos has long been in my blood. Since my first college course in digital photography to my first commercial photoshoot, I’ve enjoyed being able to tell stories through my camera over the last 10 years. Photography, however, is not as glamorous of a job as some may perceive. Every project presents difficult situations - but passion and love for the skill pushes me beyond those challenges. Here’s to moving forward, learning, and growing to be a better photographer and person.

02. CLAY

Some say that clothes make the man. 

When I was a kid, I would sneak up to my dad's closet while he was gone and look at all his clothes. 

I would tear his room apart looking around. Belts. Suits. Ties. Shoes. Watches. He had quite the collection, and I wanted to be like that, too. 

Over the years I've accrued more clothes and shoes than I ever imagined I would at this point in life. Wearing good clothes has always made me feel good, more confident. But the first time I put on a watch I really felt put together. It is an analog good; you control time, even though you're only looking at it. 

03. ZAC

As a child, I despised having to go to violin lessons once a week - even more, I loathed practicing.

But the moment my teacher moved out of state and I wasn’t able to take lessons anymore I realized how much I actually enjoyed it. I often reminisce the first time I sat down at the piano and truly wanted to play and write music. This was when I became determined to teach myself many instruments. It has become a major outlet for me no matter my mood or circumstance. Sitting down on the piano or picking up my guitar has given me a way to cope with and appreciate current life and communicate in a way that words alone cannot. 

04. MATT

Two of the most powerful words in the world are yes and no. 

In our line of work, those simple words can be the difference between huge opportunities and overwhelming disappointment. 

But, I still think frequently of the first time Brothers and Craft heard a "yes" for a creative idea we pitched to a brand we wanted to work with. We'd worked hard to develop the idea, and knew we could bring beautiful imagery and storytelling to the table. It was an intense moment, to offer an idea and wait for that first response back. 

It was yes. 

We were thrilled, as those three letters set is on a brand new creative trajectory. I'll never forget that first, because it's impacted so many other steps along the journey that's brought us to where we are today.