Certified Angus Beef: Making The Cut

dBR--jEJ6Ai7FyNFunqe4Me0p27IVQ4qPZkZDe1WwlQ (800x533)Sometimes you go places and see amazing things. Sometimes you go places and meet spectacular people. And there are special times in life when both happen simultaneously.

Let me tell you about my new friends.

I had the privilege of traveling to meet the folks of Certified Angus Beef. I hadn’t previously heard of Wooster, Ohio, but it’s a place I won’t soon forget.

Having grown up in the south, I developed a huge appreciation and love for sauces (specifically barbeque sauces). I’d find the perfect sauce for each piece of meat.

To my surprise I had little to no sauce on this trip yet I had some of the most delectable meats and meals of my life. Sauces would have simply masked the impeccable taste of these exemplary meats. But how do you consistently get a meat of that caliber?

If I could pick two things that I think CAB values most as a company, I would say 1) Relationships and 2) Quality.

Relationships: It’s evident that CAB values people. From the Families that farm the cattle to the chefs that cook it, CAB has developed and maintained great relationships.

Quality: There are ten specifications Angus or Angus-infuenced Cattle must meet before they are considered Certified Angus Beef. The standards are so high that less than ¼ of these cattle qualify.

I guess the meat of what I’m trying to say is I’m having a cow about how few Angus Cattle make the cut (Puns are terrible, yet I can’t stop using them)...Just a little food for thought.

Beef farming is a science and CAB has done its homework. My tastebuds can attest to the fact that CAB is doing it right.

Below are just a few snaps of my experiences with the CAB crew. MctQw_xudFnOl00AfUkUbYm53X4EFUdWYCjb-uWBQko (800x533) uAt-OofI-VNzZrgtQPJfj_u8pvPw5Hm-dFEY_SyHc8Q 6g7e40bzJaKFNmMJiFcXRsUhdqSR3Z6Cf8GkX-kEwDU eyeW9tK0UKhA9tszbr_bMwydvJhEE2o2HvK-q-uBFFE 8JtdUX9hH6RMri0yzMzfa6DlWYtc9LPRSPFUCgBD6Ws