Chasing the Modern Trail: A Brother's Story / Part I

I get anxious when I sit still for too long. Stationary living does little for me. It's the adventures that breathe life into each day. And when it comes to discovering true peace and satisfaction, we often pursue ideas and lifestyles that we think can guide us there. I grew up with six older brothers. It was like living in a war zone. You'd watch your back... we argued, we fought, and we stole each other's food. As I got older, though, I've realized that as brothers, we share a commonality: living life well, together.

We've lived in cities, large and small. Big cities are enchanting. The people there tell us to trust no one, to chase success ruthlessly, and to find value in ideas. As brothers, we feel differently. It's rare chase after the people who can guide us to real peace and satisfaction. So we decided to do just that;  we partnered with Timberland to journey along the coast of Maine. There we show our version of the Modern Trail, together as brothers.