Clay in NYC. Layered Blues and Punch Toe-Cap Shoes

This is Clay on an ordinary day. He's in New York City attending The King's College. While his absence from the rest of the brothers in Florida makes it difficult for him to contribute on a regular basis, sometimes he sends us a few snapshots from his day. This is one of them. Concept:

1. Layer your blues. Here he's wearing a light blue, tweed sports coat over a dark-wash denim shirt. (links below) 2. Buy some Oxford calf leather shoes featuring a punched toe cap design. (links below)

Without detracting much from the formality of dress, punch toe cap designs add some additional personality.

Sports Coat: 1. Similar / 2. Similar / 3. Similar / 4. Similar

Brown Punch Toe Shoes (really, regular Wing Tips work too!): 1. Similar ($68) / 2. Similar (wing tip) / 3. Similar (slick but pricey!)