The Creative Struggle // Abercrombie

Some people say that when you choose to do what you love, you never work another day in your life. And I've always believed that…until I actually chose to do something I loved. 

If you want more out of life—to thrive and not just survive—work is constant struggle. It’s constant tension. Every day you wake up, you put your heart into something, you toil over it, and you want it to succeed. That’s work. And work is damn hard. 

Kirk, Zac, and I deal with that regularly. Our our day-to-day routines are far from glamorous. No one sees the tedious parts like answering emails, laboring over project pitches, or lugging around lighting equipment for shoots. It’s all a part of work. But when love and passion drive your work, you learn how to navigate the struggle and tension to create something meaningful.

We partnered with Abercrombie & Fitch to give a glimpse into our daily work routines. Their pieces are classic and comfortable, and they reflect our personal styles. Our day-to-day may not be glamorous. And while creating something unique and different doesn't exist in a vacuum, It’s a process. So perhaps you can join us in shifting the way you see work…So that when you find something you actually love, you'll work for it the rest of your life.