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Dressing The Home | Part 2 with Terrain

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Dressing The Home | Part 2 with Terrain


It's our most vulnerable space. We strive to keep it as a sacred place where our struggles aren't betrayed, intimacy is protected, and the welcome mat is always out.

But, just as important as creating the unseen environment of sacredness and vulnerability, is how we adorn the walls, walkways, and gathering spots. Every home is a canvas, where we paint the stories of our lives. Every home is a work of art and heart. Because the canvas of our homes is such a crucial element of who we are at Brothers and Craft, we've partnered with a brilliant company with a legacy of filling home canvases for generations: Terrain.

When we first began exploring the Terrain story, we knew they offered products with a timeless aesthetic, but we had absolutely no idea just how rich their story truly is. It all began as a horticulturists dream in a small nursery in rural Pennsylvania. The man with the green thumb and passion for growing a library of peonies was Jacob Styer. Those peonies have stood the test of time, and have been a tradition at White House State Dinners, traveled on Air Force One during the cold war, and have even graced gatherings as far away as Saudi Arabia.

A lot has changed between those early days in the nursery and today. But, that evolution has created a lovely brand with a full array of delightful, inviting products meant to fill every home with exactly what they need to tell their stories well.

Growing up in east Tennessee, some of our fondest memories were spent outdoors. I remember all of the brothers setting out early in the morning to explore the woods of the Smokey Mountains. We would get lost in the beauty of tall trees and fresh air, and would somehow manage to find our way home just before dark. Those days were special because there was nothing else in the world that mattered at that time, only each other.

Now adults, we still have that magic inside. That itch to be outside, with family and friends. To be around a fire that keeps everyone warm. 

As we dreamed up how to infuse the Terrain story with ours, we couldn't deny the passion we share for community, the outdoors, and beautiful plants.

Terrain is a wonderful resource for how to create a safe and warm environment in the home. And for us, the greatest conversations and stories to be shared are around the fire.