Dressing The Home | Part 1 with Framebridge

I'm really excited about today! It marks the beginning of our new fall series. It's called Dressing The Home.  Our lives can move fast and furiously sometimes. We feel like we're always on the go, whether it's filling each day with important meetings, parenting kids (my wife and I have two: 3 years and 10 months old...whew!), or running a business. For the active minded, there is always something that needs to be accomplished.

The busier my life gets, the more I've realized how important it is to have a place where you can reflect, relax, and recharge. For me, that place is the home. I want a home base to be with my family, and I also want a home base where I don't have to focus on work. My wife Bradley and I have worked hard to create a peaceful, simple space. We even try decluttering once a month. Our culture is consumed with stuff; people often buy and hold on to things they simply don't need. Living minimally helps keep our home clean and rejuvenating.

Dressing your home is equally as important as dressing yourself for work or going on a date; it reflects you, your interests, style, and personality. It doesn't mean that your home needs to be constantly spotless, or that you need to have a living room with luxury-everything. Dressing your home means caring for the provisions that you have and creating a comforting environment for your family and your guests.

For the first part of our home series, we're so happy to have teamed up with Framebridge, who I discovered on Instagram. These guys are changing the way framing is done. In the past, if you wanted to get something framed you would take it to a craft store, or if you were lucky enough to have an established local framing business in your city, you would take it there. Part of the problem with framing is "price." You never know how much you're really going to end up paying. And, it can get expensive. Most people just want frames that are visually appealing and quality, but we equally take price into heavy consideration.

dressing the home with framebridge brothers and craftI love Framebridge for 3 reasons. (1) It's easy to get art framed. If you have photos on your iPhone or your desktop, you simply upload them to their site, pick your frame, size, and matte (or no matte), then order. If you have a large piece of art, or one that you can't upload, they send a pre-paid tube for you to mail back to them. (2) The most expensive frame you can buy is $159 (see the large "Gare d'Orsay" vintage print below). For similar frames at a craft store you'll likely pay $300+, but Framebridge is transparent with their price, and provide quality and great looking frames. (3) Framebridge pays attention to the details. They offer free shipping on all orders (to and from), plus they have incredible packaging and hardware that comes with every frame purchase.

dressing the home with framebridge brothers and craftWe think that interior and exterior home style is equally as important as personal style. We love when creativity extends from what you wear to your home. We've found an incredible frame brand who can help make your walls look so much better, and for good measure, we were able to get temporary discount code to get 15% off your first order - just use "BROTHERSANDCRAFT" when you check out.

Below you can see the way I styled some of my favorite photos and art in my home. And please tag us on Instagram if you share your photos you had framed with Framebridge...we'd love to see your style!

dressing the home with framebridge brothers and craftdressing the home with framebridge brothers and craftdressing the home with framebridge brothers and craft dressing the home with framebridge brothers and craft