Environments and Colors

Colors and environments can play a big part in the way I dress or piece outfits together. Naturally I tend to lean more towards neutral colors or earth tones, but it's fun to let your surroundings influence your style. A few weeks back I remember driving through one of the many beautiful areas in downtown Charleston and was blown away by some of the color palettes I saw, simply looking down the street or at the side of a bulidling. The next time I ventured back into downtown, I based my outfit that day off of colors I had seen a few days prior.

The final result was halfway decent...matching the blue trousers and blazer to the side of an old, historical building; pairing the vest, hat and olive shoes with the trunks of the trees and the ever-changing colors of the leaves; wearing a white shirt and tan watch strap to compliment the vintage Volkswagen.

By no means do I do this every time I walk out the door, but it's something worth acknowledging and worth trying.

Has anyone else done this before or do this regularly?

Below is the outfit I wore and pictures 2-5 are a few of the shots that inspired this look. Click on the icons below to get similar items.

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Charleston StreetsShout out to my wife, Bradley, who is getting ridiculously good at taking pictures.

Brothers and Craft in CharlestonBrothers and Craft in CharlestonBrothers and Craft in Charleston Brothers and Craft in CharlestonPhotos by Kirk and Bradley Chambers