Fall Favorites

Regardless of the fact that I live in Florida, I dress for the seasons, and I enjoy it. I also pay the consequences of dressing for seasons…but sweating is healthy, so I’m not too worried. Below are a few of my favorite types of items when dressing appropriately for the season of Fall.

A couple additions (Accessories) to make your Fall outfit stand above the rest, are a good wool baseball cap, a Timex watch, and a thick beard (obviously the most important).

For those of you who actually get to enjoy the cold, be sure to have at least a few Flannels. They are warm, comfortable, and they give you a look that says, “I wrestle bears for fun.”

I greatly appreciate a quality Fair Isle Sweater. The multiple colors interwoven to make amazing patterns are perfect for the Fall, as well as lady catching.

Who doesn’t want six pockets? A fitted pair of Cargo Pants is a piece that not enough stylish men utilize.

Classic Leather Boots are investments. Almost any pair of pants looks great with these because of their versatility. They are not an item that will soon go out of style either. With that being said, it’s worth dropping some change to grab yourself a pair of boots that you know you’ll wear for years to come.

What are your favorite items to wear for the Fall?