Father's Day

Fatherhood. What can we say about this gift of a journey?

It's messy and glorious. Full of wonder and overwhelming odds. Throw in a bit of fear and trepidation alongside constant adventure.

Today, we celebrate fathers from all over, and we'd like to introduce you to our dad, Robert.

He's never been one to seek the spotlight, but after raising our oft-unruly and always rambunctious tribe of siblings, the spotlight is well-deserved.

Robert Chambers (or "Pal" or G-Daddy as he's called these days) is a man of grace, patience, and endurance. He loves and accepts unconditionally, and welcomes anyone and everyone with open arms.

As each of us faced difficult life lessons and changes growing up, he was always there...and still is. He's never won a Nobel prize, never written a best-selling book, and hasn't walked on the moon, but his legacy will live on for generations. We are who we are because he is who he is.

Thanks, dad, for being you, and raising us to be us. Thanks for teaching us the value of well-made clothes and a well-lived life.

Happy Father's Day, from your grateful tribe. We love you more than we could ever express in words.

Not everyone has the same story when it comes to the man they call dad. Some of you might not even have a story at all. But this Father's Day, Brothers & Craft is inviting you to join ours.

Dress well. Live for more.

Bob Chambers - Father's DayBob Chambers - Father's DayWritten by our oldest brother, Matthew Chambers