Frye Boots & Lexington Makers

We recently traveled back to the Bluegrass State with our good friends from The Frye Company. Whenever Frye opens a new store, they launch a #MeetOurMakers campaign introducing you to some of the most creative, talented, and fascinating individuals in that city. Frye recently opened a store in Lexington, Kentucky and we had the opportunity of meeting three of Lexington's local makers, learning their stories and documenting their trades.

We wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes view of what we discovered while we hung out with some great folks during our time in the “Horse Capital of the World.”

Meet the makers…


Fielding Rogers

Fourth Generation Family Owner of Ale 8

Fielding Rogers is the fourth generation family owner of Ale-8-One, a soda company. "He is the great, great nephew of G. L. Wainscott and still mixes up the closely guarded family secret using Wainscott’s hand-written notes."

FUN FACT: Fielding drinks 5+ Ale 8's a day!

Brent Elliot

Master Distiller at Four Roses

Brent Elliot is the Master Distiller at Four Roses Bourbon. Brent and his team have to insure that every drop of Four Roses Bourbon fulfills all of the company's high standards.

FUN FACT: There are currently over 300,000 barrels of bourbon at the Four Roses Warehouse. And there are around 150-200 bottles-worth in each barrel. You do the math! That's a lot of bourbon, and every bottle has Brent's name on it.

Local Artist of Bluegrass Culture

Kayla Weber is a talented artist who was born and raised in the Bluegrass State, and as a result, showcases her love for the state painting the beauty of Kentucky.

FUN FACT: Kayla's art stems from real-life scenes. To truly capture all the emotion and the movement of a horse race, she often uses beautiful images taken at the races as a reference point for her paintings. 

Check out our video features of each maker on the Frye Instagram.