Gordon Rush: These Streets

Charleston. A city of a thousand stories. A city whose streets have seen it all. These streets have been walked on by many, dating all the way back to the 1600's. These streets were a trading place for merchants and fine craftsman. These streets have bared the weight of war, slavery, bloodshed, and hardships. They remain in tact, learned from their past, and are stronger than ever, displaying all their beauty and soul.

Today, these streets see rapid change. These streets see old and new faces. These streets see a city growing, breaking through seams, demanding respect for its past, but also for its bright future. These streets see a culture and a generation who is no longer settling for the status quo, but a people who are striving for excellence and quality in what they do and what they wear.

Such timeless streets deserve to be walked by timeless footwear.

Featuring Gordon Rush. Fine, Italian-Made Shoes.

Gordon Rush ShoesGordon Rush ShoesGordon Rush ShoesGordon Rush ShoesGordon Rush ShoesGordon Rush ShoesGordon Rush ShoesPhotos by Caroline Ro Photography

Styling and Directing by Brothers & Craft