Below are The Brother's top 4 picks of GQ's Fall 2012 Trend Report.

  1. Kirk - "The Barbour jacket is number one on my wish list this Christmas. Barbour's jackets and coats are trimmed to the slim standard and are extremely versatile. The gentleman in the photo displays one way to wear this jacket, but obviously you'll have many more options. Whether it's wearing over a suit on a rainy day in the city or using it as that extra layer to keep you warm on a camping trip, you'll have no problem putting it to use."
  2. Zac - "This gentleman masterfully combines three simple elements to make a brilliant outfit. Some might see such sweaters as tacky, but Fall and a dose of confidence makes it the perfect addition to a white button down and khaki trousers." (From the Mason Kitsune Fall Collection)
  3. Ryan - "As my own style evolves, I am growing to appreciate the darker colors in my wardrobe - blacks, dark blues, greys. If there is a consistent theme in Michael Bastian's Fall 2012 collection, it is the mingling of these colors and always nuanced by some brighter color, in this picture, red. Be careful though: darks can be slimming and sophisticated, but by themselves they can also be bland. Be sure to throw some color into your ensemble."
  4. Clay - "Fall has returned, and so have earth tones. These colors have become an essential part of my wardrobe as I continue to develop my personal style. This look works for three reasons: First, the colors compliment each other well. The faded, demin button-up, layered with a navy sweater is steady combo. Second, the Aqua-esque, flannel trousers with the duck boots: YES! Third, the toggle hooded coat provides the finishing touch, proving that you don't always have to settle for dark colored coats." (From the Riviera Club)