If you've never worn a bowtie because you don't know how to tie one, watch the video below. You'll easily learn the process in 7 simple steps while enjoying the tunes of a legend from the south, Louie Armstrong.

How to tie a bowtie in 7 simple steps.

1. Hang the tie around your neck, underneath the flipped collar. The right end should be slightly longer than the left end. 2. Cross the longer end over the shorter end. 3. Take the longer end and pass it through the loop, as if you're tying a shoe. 4. Take the dangling end and fold it back. 5. Drop the end that's on the shoulder and drape it over the folded bow. 6. Take the long-draped end and pull it through the loop behind the bow. 7. Tighten the bow by pulling on opposite sides and halves s simultaneously

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