Interview: Josh Owen
It is often said that to become great at anything, you must surround yourself by people who are masters at their own craft. That is no less true in the world of men's style. For me, Josh Owen is a master of the art of being well dressed. He's someone I want you to meet.

Josh has been a personal friend and a friend of Brothers and Craft for several years. We have watched his local influence grow and it seems that anywhere someone is doing big things for men's style in Orlando, Josh is somehow involved.

For that and so many other reasons, today Josh officially becomes our first outside contributor to the blog. Twice a month he will curate a post that will teach and inspire, or simply get you better acquainted with the latest and greatest ideas in fashion.

Josh works in sports marketing and is the founder Willard Randall, a style agency. We thought it would only be appropriate to have Josh answer a few questions so you can know him better:

Josh Owen, Founder of Willard Randall and Brothers and Craft Contributor

Interview with Josh Owen - 6/01/14

Ryan:  Where are you from?

Josh:  I was born in South Carolina, but My father served in the Air Force so I moved everywhere from Florida to Alaska!  I call Orlando “home” now since I’ve lived here for over 7 years. It’s the place I’ve lived the longest.

Ryan:  What’s your professional background?

Josh:  I have a background in marketing, client relations, & hospitality management.

Ryan:  Drink of choice?

Lately I've been torn between the sailor mule and tanqueray & tonic ...

Ryan:  How would you describe your personal style?

Josh:   I would have to call my style “gentleman with an edge.” That is, modern classic with an updated fit and a very slight street-wear influence. Also, I can never get away from navy blue, black, burgundy or gray -- they are my color pallet for life.

Ryan:  Do you have a fashion mentor? e.g. Someone whom you may or may not know personally but that you look to for inspiration?

Josh:  Yes. I would have to say I have two inspirations.

My style icon would, without a doubt, be Nick Wooster. He is the perfect personification of gentleman -with-an-edge. His style is impeccable, he loves to take risk, and he is always looking forward when it comes to menswear. If I could trade wardrobes with anyone it would be him.

When it comes to styling, I would have to say that Grace Coddington is my fashion idol. The woman is a complete genius and is insanely talented! The shoots she puts together are beyond beautiful, extremely witty, fun, funny, and impeccably well done!

I would give my right arm to work with either of them.

Ryan:  Ideal weekend getaway - city or country?

Josh:  If we are talking domestic I’m a city guy through and through and I will always say New York City! The fashion, shopping, food, drinks, and all around culture are second to none!  Internationally I would love to visit London! I love British style and culture. I’m also a sucker for a good cup of tea!  But in both of them I would want to stay more than a weekend!

Ryan:  What fashion feux pas do you hate the most?

Josh:  All things crocs and socks with scandals … oooff!

Ryan:  What are your hobbies?

Josh:  I am a huge foodie, and I travel quite a bit for work. I like finding the best places to eat or grab a drink wherever I am!

Ryan:  What are you passionate about?

Josh:  I’m really passionate about seeing people succeed! I try to push the people around me as much as possible to follow their dreams. Personally, I think taking the risk of failing is worth more than wondering what if.

Obliviously, I’m also passionate about style and menswear. I’ve always been drawn to it.

Josh Owen at WorkWork by Josh Owen - GENT Image Josh OwenJosh Owen Styling a ShootPhotos by Gregory Daniel and Cody Jordan