Even In Appalachia // Stories From Kentucky

Up in the Appalachian country, out east where it’s peaceful. Wake up early, put in a long day’s work, and return home. It’s a simple life, really. The days are quiet; it is not the typical traveler’s destination. Unless, of course, you’re looking for Sorghum. We weren’t, but all of that changed when we met Danny Townsend. 

He’s an enigma. Born in Jeffersonville, Kentucky to a family of Sorghum farmers, Danny quickly learned what hard work on the farm meant. He was a part of a family tradition dating 5 generations back. As a young man he went off to war, as most his age did, returning with the burden to carry on the family business. And he has, even today. 

He greets you with a warm smile, like you’re welcome on his land. You look out into the fields, those hundreds of acres he stewards so well, and you can’t help but realize how beautifully he understands the word craft. “We grow just about everything here: Tomatoes. Squash. Sorghum…you know, back in the day we all used Sorghum, it made everything sweeter. But that was before mass production of sugar took over.”

One hour there turned into several more. “I got something to show you…” became our familiar phrase that morning on the farm. Old machinery, vintage cigarettes, sorghum apple butter, Danny always had just one more thing to have us marvel at. 

Our good friend Jerrod Smith from Wilderness Trace Distillery joined us that day, bringing along his newly bottled Harvest Rum, pinned as “The Bourbon Drinker’s Rum.” He uses Danny's sorghum as natural sweetener for his spirit. We shared a few drinks and played songs under a tree near by. It felt like home. 

Kentucky has become a second home for us. This trip we explored Lexington in all its hidden beauty. From North Lime Donuts for breakfast to the Holly Hill Inn for dinner, our meals were spectacular. The countryside is a glimpse into simple living. There are endless rolling hills, lush green trees, and horses everywhere you look.

A look at Kentucky is an honest one, those who live there have no business in making it out to be something it’s not. And that is why we love it there. It is Kentucky, what you see is what you get. 

Thank you, Kentucky Tourism, for continually showing us true hospitality every visit we make! We will be back soon.