I know we are still several weeks away from the first day of Fall, but August is quickly coming to an end and September 22nd will be here before we know it. So, with that said, I'd like to share with you a few of my "essential" picks for Fall 2013. This list isn't everything that I like or think is important for fall, but it's fresh start. If you can find at least one takeaway from each category, you will enhance your wardrobe and be a step ahead of the gentleman next door. I've provided links for each of the items in the pictures, so feel free to see if they have your size. ENJOY!



There are just a few outerwear pieces you'll need this Fall. I think by now everyone has at least one cardigan, so let's step it up another notch and make sure you have one of these warm and comfortable shawl collar cardigans (1 and 3). Next, consider this Levi slim trucker jacket. These jackets are practical and can be worn on just about any occasion in the fall...such as school, a camping trip or a night on the town. Lastly, for those dreary and rainy days you will need to have a coat that can handle harsh weather and keep you dry. Stutterheim (based out of Sweden) makes one of the best raincoats out there. A little pricey, but worth every penny for a handcrafted masterpiece.

1) Shawl Collar Cardigan

2) Levi's Denim Jacket 

3) Shawl Collar Cardigan

4) Stutterheim Raincoat



I'm keeping it pretty simple and basic in this department. Make sure you select shirts that are versatile and can be layered with just about any jacket or sweater piece. You want shirts that can be dressed up with a skinny sock tie, but also be dressed down for those casual days off. Resist the temptation to buy graphic tees this Fall and stick with shirts that don't have corny jokes on them. Consider picking up one of these unique gray crew neck shirts from Cloak and Dapper...this is a great piece by itself for those warmer days or can be layered well with any of the button up shirts in the above picture.

1) Light Chambray Button Down

2) Chambray Pocket Tee

3) Big Check Button Down

4) Indigo Button Down



Explore your headwear options this fall. Brixton is a great company that makes a wide variety of hats for just about any occasion (see 2 and 3). I will definitely be picking up option 3 this fall. For a cap to wear to a football game or tailgate party, check out Brooks Brothers colored selection of faded cotton caps. Great price and great prep look.

1) Dorfman Pacific Brown Fedora

2) Brixton Brood Cap

3) Brixton Black Western

4) Brooks Brothers Faded Cotton Cap



Chinos will be essential for your wardrobe this Fall. There are always a ton of colors to choose from, but you will get the most wear and bang for your buck if you stick with navy, gray and green (or olive green).

1) Navy Chinos

2) Gray Chinos

3) Green Chinos



Belts are pretty simple. Make sure you have a quality leather belt that you can wear all season. You will want to stay away from the really wide belts with big buckles...keep it simple and slim.

1) Braided Belt

2) Light Blue

3) Thin Brown Leather



Because I spent most of my growing up years in Florida, I don't really wear socks at all. But there will be days when the weather is pretty chilly and I'll need to make sure I have some quality socks to keep my feet warm. Option 1 is top quality and very stylish. Option 2 is a variety pack from Topman and are socks you could probably wear year round, but for the case of Fall, it supplies the right amount of color. Option 3 is for the COLD days...wool is always a great choice.

1) Richer Poorer Dignitary Stripe

2) Topman Color Variety

3) Wool Sock



Last but not least (and my favorite). Whether your camping or trying to dodge puddles in a rainy city, duck boots is what you'll need. You can stick with the originals in option 4, or if you're wanting a similar look but something a little more mainstream, Steve Madden has the shoe for you (option 1). Make sure you have a good casual kickaround sneaker like these Pro-Keds (option 2). I just bought a pair recently and really enjoy wearing them with dark denim jeans with a rolled cuff. You can actually still score these shoes for $35 on J.Crew by using the "shop30" coupon code. Option 3 is a brilliant light brown wingtip from Cole Haan. You need a shoe like this for work and for church...and trust me, people notice your shoes and will pay you lots of compliments for pulling off these stylish kicks.

1) Steve Madden Duckiee

2) Pro-Keds High Top

3) Cole Haan Light Brown Wingtip

4) Original Duck Boot

What are you favorite Fall pieces from the list above?