Trek Through Europe 1/4: LONDON

Most times when we write a post, it features a creative restaurant/chef, brilliant architecture, a quality clothing brand, and/or a talented craftsman. It’s immensely more difficult to do written justice to a city that encompasses all of these things.

We recently embarked on a two week trip exploring Europe. We had the privilege of experiencing London, Paris, Florence, and Milan.

We’ll be highlighting these four cities by sharing our stories, showcasing local culture, and unveiling the local hot spots.

Highlights -

FOOD: Dishoom - If you care to spice up your evening, then curry up and get to Dishoom. The earlier you arrive the better as this is one local hot spot. May I suggest Dishoom Chicken Tikka with Garlic Cheese Naan and Bombay Pimm’s to sip!

BEVERAGE: Discount Suit Company - A spot with great suits...minus the suits plus meticulously crafted sippers. This hidden cocktail lounge is housed in the basement of an old industrial building, hidden by the facade of a run down suit shop. Our cocktail of choice - Tailor Of Two Cities.

ARCHITECTURE: Palace of Westminster - Overlooking the River Thames, Westminster is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. Originally a medieval palace built in the 11th Century it was burned down in 1834 and beautifully rebuilt to its original stature by 1870.

TOP NEIGHBORHOOD: Shoreditch (East London) - Shoreditch is home to trendy shopping, spectacular street murals, and delectable food. Peruse the stellar boutiques of Brick Lane and Cheshire Street, explore graffitied walls, or grub at the street food heaven - Dinerama.

Thank you to all the lovely people of London (friends and new friends) who made our experience a delight.

Below are a few pictures from our quick stop in “The Old Smoke”.