Married in the Homeland // Clay's Wedding Day

Whew. These last few weeks were blurry.

Sunday, October 30 I married my best friend. What a day it was.

We chose to be married in Nashville during golden hour, at the peak of Autumn. I have always loved golden hour…there’s just something about the reds, the pinks, the oranges. The colors are so vibrant. There we both stood at the foot of a great hill as light beamed through the trees, and we were surrounded by family and friends to witness our exchanging vows. Let me tell you there is simply nothing like having those people around to celebrate with. 

And celebrate we did. Into the night we laughed, and shared stories, and danced, and cried, and ate, and drank. Marrying someone is most beautiful when you share it with the people you love the most. They are the linchpin; they hold you together. 

Check out the photos below from our evening together! (All photography brilliantly done by Christian Gideon and Ann Millington - See Christian's writeup)

HUGE THANKS to everyone who helped make this night incredible.


  • George Dickel Whisky - We also had a spectacular time tasting the whisky's at the Dickel Distillery the day before the wedding. 
    • Whisky + Lemonade
      • 1.5 whisky, 4 oz lemonade, 1 lemon slice
  • Yazoo Brewing
    • Rye Porter
  • Mulled Wine
    • Recipe
      — 1 bottle of red wine
      3 1/2 cups apple cider
      1/4 cup of sugar
      2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice



Reception Venue: