Gents, unless you live in the mountains or work for yourself, shaving is an everyday task in which we must comply. There are some essentials when it comes to a good shave, and this Tweezerman shaving brush is one of them. I bought one a couple weeks ago and it has made a huge difference. Shaving brushes do many things, but most importantly they spread the shaving cream or lather evenly on your face while helping soften and raise the facial hair evenly. Why is that it important? When the facial hairs are raised evenly, you will not need to press the razor against your skin for a close shave, thus reducing the amount of razor burn. These brushes can range from $10 all the way to $100, but this particular one falls at $12. It's 100% Badger hair and a great buy. If you don't already use one, I would strongly encourage you to try it out.

What kind of product or utensils do you use for a close shave?

- Kirk

Tweezerman Badger Hair Men's Shaving Brush