National Seersucker Day

PPZFD-qn8KRllPyoDulQo00pEHMiMAAEDHwdkUDbktU,93hLL-CR6WAPMUn0c1QIOC-zaeLHNMi2Rj_vLXWSp1s,WXk0Y8S96IKYniMYXZVNPphvlM1zGD2b7iimdv9jthE,j5rP-lsn1D9a_AIhCFdXq2svthEha31cFU2Hb-0HM_4 Mark your calendars! June 11 is National Seersucker Day!

Our friends at Haspel are relaunching their line. Haspel is the originator and inventor of the seersucker suit. In New Orleans, it was originally made by Joseph Haspel Sr. as a fun and formal remedy to the heat of the south. Rumor has it that Haspel dove into the ocean in his suiting to prove to his friends that the suit could washed and worn again even before they would go enjoy evening cocktails.

Though I won't be jumping into the ocean with mine anytime soon, this is my prime summertime suit! It is a lighter and cooler material that makes it easy to dress well and stay fresh during the hotter months. Something I love is that it's not limited to the Summer. Seersucker is versatile beyond measure. I wear seersucker all year 'round.

I also love the fact that all of Haspel's product is 100% made in America. It is evident in every thread that Haspel commits to developing quality product.

Below are a few pictures taken by our buddy Mils of one of my recent seersucker outings.


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