Trek Through Europe 2/4: PARIS

We recently embarked on a two week trip exploring Europe. We had the privilege of experiencing London, Paris, Florence, and Milan.

We’re highlighting these four cities by sharing our stories, showcasing local culture, and unveiling the local hot spots.

Highlights -

FOOD: Jones - The gracious staff were kind enough to pardon our shoddy French and help us through the menu to tailor the perfect meal for our tastebuds. Chef and Owner Florent Ciccoli meticulously crafted delectable dishes. Our wait staff asked nearly ten questions about our tastes, preferences, and the dishes we'd be consuming before they found the perfect red wine to compliment our fine dining experience. Thank you Jones for a spectacular evening! 

BEVERAGE: Moonshiner - I thought my brother was crazy when he told me to go into the walk-in-freezer at Italian Pizzeria, "Da Vito." But what I found was beyond cool! Moonshiner is an enchanting New York prohibition era speakeasy. Between the smoking lounge next door and the whiskey-centric cocktails, we were more than delighted. I spent nearly fifteen minutes cracking jokes with the bar manager. I shared my favorite recommendations for his upcoming trip to California, and he asked if he could gift our entire party a round of drinks on the house. 

ARCHITECTURE: Louvre - Reasons you should visit Le Louvre BESIDES the Mona Lisa...

  1. The architecture is breathtaking.
  2. There are over 35,000 works of art and 380,000 objects in Le Louvre, collectively valued somewhere between $35 and $100 BILLION dollars!
  3. Solid cafe for a museum! ;)
  4. ...Please faceswap with Mona Lisa on SnapChat and send it to us (follow us at "BrosAndCraft")!

BONUS: If you're on a budget (or if you're not on a budget) purchase wine and charcuterie at markets and stores! We were amazed at how cheap these great quality products were. You could get a really decent bottle of wine at a Parisian grocer (converted to dollars) for $10. That same bottle in New York would cost $22.77. That means wine pricing in the US is 127.7% more expensive. Your average midrange bottle of wine in Paris is only $6! 

Merci Paris! You truly are a city of romance...and carbs!

Below are a few pictures from our quick stop in "La Ville Lumiere (The City of Light)".