As you know, we love travel. Part of the delight is in the culture - the tradition, the food, the art, the products. And another part is the people.

We've already introduced you to a few of our friends and the spectacular things they're doing in the great city of Richmond, VA (See our posts on Hardywood Brewery, Highpoint Barber Shop, and Ledbury).

Now we'd like to introduce our dear friend Matt Rho and Shockoe Denim!

"Located in Richmond's historic Shockoe Bottom, once the bustling center for tobacco and cotton traders," Shockoe Atelier is the home of some of our favorite denim. No two pairs are exactly the same - every pair is hand made! And there's something spectacular about the imperfections in each pair.

We have huge respect for the transparency in the shop as well. If you walk to the back of the store you can look down on the Shockoe team as they take great care in crafting each piece. 

So you need to go to Richmond. If you're a fan of denim, design, or just good people, go visit Shockoe! Here are a few of the images from our time at the shop.

Always a pleasure hanging with the Shockoe fam! 

Have any questions or comments about the Chambers brothers or Shockoe Denim? Comment below!