Reaching People Differently

We're nearing the end of a wonderful 2015. I truly loved this year. We're also nearing perhaps my least favorite time of any year, and that's Black Friday. Every kind of store in America welcomes every kind of person to do one thing: consume. Businesses post wildly cheap sales to help their customers prepare for the holiday season. But what bothers me most about this annual approach to retail is that it teaches people to treat the things that structure their lives as that which they can structure flippantly.

Two HD televisions...$350. 

BUY 2 SUITS GET 1 FREE...$275.

Every good carries a price tag, and for many the only criteria to purchase that good is merely the price tag. Few brands curate their lines to emphasize care and thought. These days, though, I find that it's the youngest of us who are most enchanted with slowness in everyday living. We chase moments we can enjoy, we want excellence from what we buy. More importantly, we look for people we can share this pursuit with.

Matt Alexander, creator and director of NEED, is one of those people. He understands there is value in crafting quality essentials that shape the way you live, rather than gorging yourself with "stuff" that clutters your life. So NEED provides the former--exclusive, monthly collections that both construct and fill in the gaps of your life. It operates under the assumption that whoever stumbles on their product is someone who wants to add value to their closet, not just stuff. Their niche market is the discerning man. And they're moving full speed ahead. 

NEED's two year anniversary just passed, so we met up in Dallas a few weeks back to share Matt's favorite pieces from the 2015 collection, along with Dallas as our back drop. Our friend Richard Ross shot with us around the city. And the lovely Kari Jones coordinated this entire project. Check out what we've got below! And in honor of NEED turning two, we've got a special 15% code you can use over the next week on good you add to the closet: NEED2015.