This week I had the pleasure of supporting our friends SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ at their press event, where they revealed their Autumn/Winter 2014 line of men's outerwear. These gents have previously focused on custom, made-to-measure work with personal clients. This fall they anticipate the release of their first outerwear line that is ready for consumers. The brilliance behind this new menswear brand are Sherman Joseph and Preston Williams. The two became friends as kids in grade school, and have since maintained their friendship. They studied at different colleges, but returned to New York after school. Several years ago they began conceptualizing a vision they had long had: creating a menswear brand. New York, where they grew up, has become the perfect medium for them as they develop their line.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetA question lingers: who are they targeting? Preston believes their target is the metropolitan man. He says "This man is set in New York, with a career of his own. He's ambitious and he's focused on making the most of his opportunities. His heritage is deeply rooted but he thinks the urban city life can take his aspirations to the next level. That's the new metropolitan man." The goal for Sherman and Preston is to create a menswear line that compliments and promotes that aim.

They describe their line as having "American bravado with European tailoring."

I asked them - in their minds - what separates the new metropolitan man from the old metropolitan man. Preston said the old metropolitan man was ambitious for the sake of fulfilling the "American Dream," which was, in many ways, to have necessities like homes and cars. And, of course, a family. The new metropolitan man - as mentioned above - is set in New York, an urban scene. The new metropolitan man asks: where can I take my career next?

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The vibe SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ hope to exude with their A/W 2014 outerwear line is the attitude that a lot of millennials  have, which is an "I want you to look at me but I don't want you to know me" attitude. This look carries a kind of enigma. People want a classy look, but one that's distant and mysterious.

The two outerwear looks they're releasing are the Alexander coat and the James coat. Both are double-breasted pieces.

The Alexander is a blend of wool and cashmere, fully lined, with imported Italian buttons. It has a full closure fur collar with a hook and eye. The fit is impeccably tailored.

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The James is an imported cotton and twill fabric, also fully lined, with leather buttons and a buckle. The fit is tailored perfectly.

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We love what SHERMAИ | PRESTOИ is building! They're building a brand that provides a style for the modern man whose pursuit is to achieve success in a metropolitan setting. Spring 2015 is when they aim to reveal their shirting line. Keep eye and ear out, we plan to collaborate with these gentlemen on future projects!

Their online store will be up soon enough. In the meantime, keep up with their work on Instagram, their website, and Twitter!

Happy Thursday! Be productive.