Old Machines & Good Design // Sideshow Press

They don’t make things like they used to...

They just don’t. We marvel at ancient cathedrals, pre war machinery, or an old pair of church shoes. All because they are made intelligently and thoughtfully. We appreciate older things because they have stood the test of time; they have weathered many days. 

Putting thought and innovation into design is what we brothers work for. We’re constantly chasing that balance. And we look for people, all the time, who epitomize that attitude. Our friends, Courtney and Amy from Stitch Design Co., are beautiful examples. 

Stitch is a branding and digital agency that develops businesses through strategic thinking and good design. Their other business, Sideshow Press, creates everyday products under the same pledge: good design and and true craftsmanship. 

We recently caught up with them at Sideshow. We wanted to capture what’s happening in their office these days. And there we found a humble workshop, resting on the reliability of two beautiful, old letter press machines. One machine from the 20s, the other from the 50s, and they’re still working like magic, printing beautiful words and designs onto cards of all kinds. 

They don’t make things like they used to. But we can start.

We are so grateful to have Sideshow Press craft some business and thank you cards for us. Scroll down and see how they turned out!