Southern Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

A little bit of our (@BrothersAndCraft) history:

If you don’t already know, the Chambers family hails from the South. Funny enough a some of our more notable relatives happen to be Earl Scruggs (One of the most renowned banjo players of all time) and even Dolly Parton (“Y’all come back now ya hear?”).

If you take the roots further back you’ll find that our relatives happened to be some of the most influential folks in the development of Knoxville and the state of Tennessee as a whole.

All that to say, though we travel much, our heritage is in the south. Here are a few Southern Instagram accounts you should follow. Most are our friends. All are our inspirations. 


@local_milk - Beth Kirby


Beth is a dear friend of ours who has masterfully combined her abilities as a chef with the art of capturing stunning images of her food and travel. If you’re not hungry now, you will be after enjoying Beth’s feed (pun intended).


@zacharysmithh - Zachary Smith

We were immediately intrigued upon seeing the typography and design of Zachary Smith. He has found a way to take art to a new level, all while encouraging people. He often finds new ways to be creative by designing on unconventional canvases, as you can see by his saw illustrations. He also sends positive messages, encouraging people to “be kind” and to go explore.



This English-inspired marvel has become iconic with its multifaceted nature. Besides its stunning aesthetic, the Oxford Exchange is a restaurant, a tea and coffee bar, a bookstore, and esteemed events space (Our brother actually married there).



If you enjoy the outdoors, Folk Magazine will make you itch to travel and explore nature in every corner of the earth. The feed is a conglomerate of the most scenic views, breathtaking cabins, and off-road cars.


@kennethbedwards - Kenneth Edwards

We were introduced to Kenneth Edwards after one his images of a dancer had been featured on VSCOcam. Even though dance isn’t something we’ve been classically trained in, we found much appreciation for Kenneth’s ability to capture action and emotion. Upon actually becoming friends, we realized that we had grown up not far from eachother and even had mutual friends.

@iampatrickchin - Patrick Chin

Patrick Chin, or “Patsy Chinchilla” as we’re convincing the professional world to title him, can see the world from unique perspectives (Shhhh, don’t tell him we're complimenting him). He’ll take on concepts, angles, and movements that others just don't see.


@charlesmcbryde - Mcbryde Campbell

Mcbryde Campbell is known by teenage girls as the “Pretty Boy of the South”...actually that’s not true, but I’m sure it will be now. Whether he is smoking a cigar, reading literature, wearing a collegiate sweater at Oxfordshire, or driving a vintage Mercedes Benz along the east coast, Mcbryde takes his classic menswear to a new level by pairing it with traditional livelihoods and aesthetics.

@justinliv - Justin Livingston

This Mississippian is one of the sassier Instagrammers on this list. No Instagram page can truly embody his personality, but his page is still cool for a few reasons! 1) Scenic views of New York City! 2) His fusion of southern and urban style! 3) The fact that he seems to be traveling the world more than he’s home. 4) He constantly posts unhealthy but beautiful food/drink images (It’s enough to make you quit your diet)!

@twaunsamuel - Twaun Samuel

Though DC is not considered to be the most “Southern” of locations, in technicality it is below the Mason-Dixon line (most common marker between the north and south). Regardless, if you appreciate menswear, Twaun Samuel kills the suit game more effortlessly than anyone on Capitol Hill. DC needs to take pointers from this congressional staffer in more than just the political realm.

@dannonkcollardmua - Dannon Collard

Dannon Collard is one of our favorite female style inspirations. She happens to be a professional makeup artist and is just plain creative! She brings a new urban minimal look to the South. Her creativity and clean chic style reveals itself in her apparel, home decor, and even food.



The Hobbs brothers (BROTHERS!), amidst injury and financial struggles, sought ways to make a few extra bucks. They took old reclaimed wood and turned it into rugged and artistic pieces of furniture. This became the basis from which they started Sons of Sawdust - a booming business that they can hardly keep up with the demand of. We’re hoping to make it out to Athens, Georgia to take on a project with them soon.


@leonbridgesofficial - Leon Bridges

Whether you know of Leon Bridges or not, if you’ve stepped into a coffee shop any time in the last six months you’ve heard his American gospel and soul tunes. He took the creative music community by storm, visibly growing faster than I’ve ever seen an artist grow in the trendy crowd. We're intrigued by the fact that he became relevant to the modern cool cat by being classic.


If you didn't see your favorite southern Instagram accounts on our list, share them with us in the comments!