Spring is right around the corner for most people. If you live in Florida you know it actually began in December. No, really. On Sunday it was 80 friggin' degrees in Orlando! That got me thinking about warm weather clothes. There are two items that I recently acquired and I can already tell I’m going to get a lot of mileage out of them this Spring and Summer – my Vans Authentic sneakers and tapered shorts.

Ryan Chambers - Spring Attire

I used to think Vans were just for skaters and punk band rockers, but over the past year or two the brand has shown a casual and even preppy side. I like them because they’re versatile and they come in virtually every color. I picked up the ones in the photo from J.Crew. You’re going to see these a lot this year, guaranteed. If you already own a pair, try adding leather laces to change the look of them!

Tapered shorts. I’ve always been “skinny”. Growing up, other kids made fun of me and called me names like 'chicken legs'. I always dreaded warm weather because I never liked how I looked in shorts – always two wide in the legs, even if they fit in the waste. Often, I would sweat it out in pants to spare myself the embarrassment. So tapered shorts mean a lot to me! I picked up these at JC Penney and they’re part of Buffalo’s exclusive JCP line. Luckily tapered shorts look great on pretty much anyone.

Tapered Shorts:

1. i Jeans by Buffalo (JC Penney) $35  /  2. Levi's 508 $54  /  3. Levi's 508 twill (Via Amazon) $29.99

Vans sneakers:

1. J.Crew $60  /  2. Vans (Zappos - tons of variety!) $45-55, Free Shipping

Leather Laces:  J.Crew $6

 Ryan Chambers - Spring Attire

Ryan Chambers - Spring Attire