Spring Look(s) #3

Had a blast finally getting to catch up and hang out with my brothers! As you shop this season and style your wradrobe, here are a few simple tips and thoughts:

  1. Indigo blue is definitely in, so you can't go wrong choosing this color whether it's on your shoes, shirt or pants.
  2. Cuff or roll your trousers. Colorful socks with fun designs are cool and all, but Spring and Summer (at least in the south) are way too hot. Lose the socks and roll up your pants to keep cool.
  3. Try wearing dress shoes with shorts. As long as your shoes are stylish, you can't go wrong wearing them with shorts. Just mix it up and don't always feel like you have to go with the casual shoe.

Make sure you click the links below each brother's name to see where each piece is from. Enjoy!


ryan chambers