Meet Calvin Cearley, founder of Cloak & Dapper - A Gentleman's General Store. Cearley isn’t just a purveyor of fine, American-made goods. He personifies the modern American gentleman, insisting (and we agree) it’s more than how you dress. It includes your speech, manners, friendships, and the provisions that fill your home.

Calvin Cearley Cloak and Dapper Interview

Calvin Cearley Cloak and Dapper Interview

The current renaissance in the men’s clothing and fashion industry is, overall, a good thing. Yet the market is getting crowded. The style conscious man can become disoriented and annoyed while searching through the nonsense for quality pieces to fit his lifestyle.

That’s why we’re excited to talk about Cloak & Dapper (

Cloak and Dapper Store - Men's Style

"The American general store was the primary supplier of the local townsmen’s essentials: clothes, grooming, provisions. Cloak & Dapper is reviving the one stop shop - delivering the highest quality goods crafted in the USA while offering a more simplified shopping experience."

Cloak & Dapper carries a wide selection of clothing – Like Tellason Jeans and Stevedore button-ups. Accessories from whiskey-scented bar soap and shaving goods to sunglasses and shoe laces. You can even pick up whiskey stones or a deck of playing cards.  The magical thing about Cloak & Dapper is that they don't just have a random assortment of clothing for sale. Every item has been expertly selected by Mr. Cearley. It doesn't matter what you buy, you'll love it.

Also, Calvin has supplied our readers with 30% off your first purchase (Sale items included)! Click the pics below, find what you like and use the code "brosandcraft30" at check out.


Last week we had a chance to sit down with Calvin for a few minutes and talk a about his personal style and his general store. To learn more about Calvin and Cloak and Dapper, check out the video below.