So far this summer we've seen a lot of cool trends and pieces out there for guys. In this post we want to point out a couple simple items that we like.

  1. Make sure you have a good pair of chinos. For the most part, they are much lighter than denim. You can dress them up with some oxford shoes and blazer or dress them down by rolling the pants just past the ankles and wearing a pair of loafers, boat shoes or Vans. Zac, Ryan and Clay are wearing khaki, green and gray chinos, but there are lots of other colors to choose from in the links provided below.
  2. In case you didn't know (which you probably do) oxford dress shoes are back in-style. In the last year, the oxford shoe design has gone from the standard brown and beige colors to all kinds of colors, including neon soles and bright colored laces. In this shoot, Kirk, Ryan and Clay are going a little more "conservative" while Zac is wearing a pair of Cole Haan shoes that are two-tone (canvas and leather).
  3. Floral/Paisley. We've seen this pattern attached to everything from pocket squares to slim fit chinos and short sleeve button ups. We do like this pattern, but it's a pattern that can easily get out of control and be a little obnoxious, so remember to keep the colors light and simple.
  4. Pocket squares have been around for a long time, but they are now more popular than ever. There are lots of unique patterns and designs to choose from, but we like to focus more on how to wear them rather than which ones to wear. The traditional way is to fold and place in your suit coat pocket, next to the lapel, but over the last year we've tried wearing them a couple different ways. (Above) Kirk has bunched up his square and placed in his dress shirt pocket; Clay has done the same thing except he folded his in a square. Zac is wearing a dark-navy, floral square tucked in his back pocket. If it's too hot outside, lose the coat and place a square in your button up shirt. This is a great accent piece for any season, but especially Summer, as it's a way to add "layers" and creativity to an outfit without burning up by wearing real layers.

Oxford Shoes

What are some trends you've seen this summer? Below is where you can find some of the items we talked about:

What are some of your favorite Summer items this year?