Today I'm thinking about casual watches.  I've been eying a number of these to facilitate my resolution this year of dressing casual more often. One brand I keep noticing, whether seeing a friend wearing one or browsing online, is Timex. Yes, you can find Timex at Wal-Mart, but they are killing it in the casual watch department - so much so that J. Crew has started placing them in their stores. I love these watches for several reasons: 1) They look fantastic 2) Interchangeable straps, see below  3) The affordable price point. Do you have a go-to casual watch? Which one below is your favorite?

 021388c8b4d959d9ad05b886760a033fTimex Easy Reader

1.  Easy Reader Dk Brown ($65) / 2. Easy Reader Lt Brown ($65) / 3. Unisex Weekender ($37)


4. Red ($37) / 5. Blue ($37) / 6. Orange Stripe ($44.95) / 7. Army ($44.95)

bd7de7ed4b8ce24169619f4130d9b3672730a4e6f3fac98621a431d86cc12669Timex Watch

J.Crew Watch Bands

1. Camo  ($20) /   2. Brown Leather  ($28) /   3. Variety of colors ($20)