The Manly Art of Repurposing

I had the opportunity to visit a few local thrift stores recently, and I was pleasantly surprised as to the result. I try to visit every store with an open mind, not letting a predisposition or societal opinion toward a brand negate an opportunity to find something of value. As I walked from aisle to aisle I noticed, what many people would consider, an old ninety-cent pillowcase (pictured below). What I saw was an opportunity for some good ol' manly repurposing.


It was a tough decision, considering the steep price. But I snatched it up and headed toward the checkout. The elderly ladies working at the front of the store seemed quite confused as to why a young man would be so giddy about thrifted pillowcases. But with the understanding that, “haters gonna hate,” it didn’t bother me a bit.

I headed home and began cutting and sewing. The result was fourteen floral pocket squares (pictured below). I was elated to find that something that was valued at ninety-cents, to me was now invaluable. Not a bad return on investment. This experience taught me to see things for more than what they are currently – to see them for what they can be.


You don’t always win on thrifting sprees, but keep an open mind, be creative, and you might find a diamond in the rough.

This pillowcase is sitting comfortably in my blazer pocket at work today.

What are some items that you've repurposed?