Finding Comfortable & Fitted Pants

We recently had the opportunity to test out Banana Republic's new Rapid Movement Chino. So we tried them on, hit the streets of Charleston, and even road-tripped with them to Tennessee and Virginia. 

The brothers' notes...

  1. They're flexible - With the fabric's ability to stretch, these pants are great for those who are constantly on the move (like we are!).
  2. They're comfortable - Whether you're sitting, standing, or walking, the stretch of the pants allows for complete comfort.
  3. They maintain their shape - Most pants that stretch tend to loosen up after being used, but the Rapid Movement Chino does a remarkable job retaining its fit even after many washes and wears.
  4. Banana Republic has done a great job supplying these pants in a wide variety of fits. They market to the guy who prefers the tailored fit, the guy who likes more roomy pants, and everyone in between.
  5. Last but not least, these pants are water resistant AND stain resistant!


See how each brother styled their Rapid Movement Chinos below!


01. Clayton


02. Zac


03. Kirk


04. Matthew


...And a few more snaps from our time in Tennessee/Virginia!

Be sure to check out the Rapid Movement Chinos and see us wearing them on the BR Men's Instagram

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