Dressing The Home | Part 3 with Thread Experiment

I used to not care about my bed. It didn’t matter how it felt or how it looked, as long as it was snoozable. After all it’s just the place I rest my head. Most of the time it’s pitch black when I’m in it anyways. So I’m not there to appreciate the aesthetics.

This is the third post in our “Dressing The Home” series (Part 1 and Part 2). This issue speaks to home etiquette specifically in the realm of bedding. We thought it fitting to showcase Thread Experiment. TE is the only brand dedicated to developing quality bedding specifically for men. We can speak to not only the quality of the product, but also the quality of the people behind the brand - friends of ours who are heavily vested in the menswear scene.

The average adult in the U.S. sleeps around 7 hours a night. That’s nearly a third of their lifetime in bed! Being that sleep is a necessity for even functioning (amiright or amiright?), it NEEDS to be a comfortable experience - This means a comfortable bed and comfortable bedding (Praise the Lawd!).

Not only have I been processing the need for comfort, but I’ve been realizing the importance of consistency in many aspects my life. If I care about presentation at all (I DO), my home should be a representation of who I am as an individual. For me, this means clean and minimal, but also unique and artistic.

A well dressed man is powerful. Add a well dressed home - more specifically a well dressed bed, and you have a well dressed life. Let’s make 2016 a stylish year for our bodies and our homes!

Photography by Zac Chambers